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Anonymous asked
who was your celebrity crush before leo ?

Johnny Knoxville *sighs lovingly*

Anonymous asked
have u ever met him ?

Ugh no… not yet.

But I’m sure he’s as sad as I am about it.

Anonymous asked
do you know what is next project will be ?

there are a lot of talks but that’s all they are- talks.

the project with jonah seems to be the only one that could go through so far but nothing is official yet they don’t even have a director so…

Anonymous asked
is he still dating toni ?

i think he is yeah

34 Things You Never Knew About Leonardo DiCaprio



#34 is not true you guys. i guarantee it. 

Pay no attention to #34. What do they know

actually 3 and 16 aren’t true either, he doesn’t speak fluent German he just knows few sentences, and Don’s Plum was never meant to be a famous movie, Tobey and Leo did it to help a friend (the director) I highly doubt he paid anyone so his friend’s movie could never be seen

Anonymous asked
what are your thoughts on leo not winning the oscar ?

Well, the week following the ceremony I was very mad. Like very VERY mad. I basically took it like a personal offense towards Leo. I mean, at this point it’s not even funny or ridiculous, it’s just extremely disrespectful. If you had any doubt before that the Academy was deliberately snubbing him, now you have a tangible proof. The Academy is literally shitting on his work. But you know what ? Fuck it, Leo never needed a golden statuette before to do awesome movies and give spectacular performances, and it’s not gonna change. He doesn’t have to prove his talent to anyone anymore; everyone wanna works with him and he’s a reference for a lot of young actors.

Also, I’m happy for Matthew McConnaughey. His performance in Dallas Buyers Club was really good, he deserved it. (not as much as Leo, but hey, let’s not go there) Also I’m happy he’s investing himself into more serious projects. Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do next.

Anyway, what about you folks ?