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Anonymous asked
First of all, I love your blog so much! I have such a great time reading the confessions... I really hope that you won't delete it. I mean, I know that the awards season is the best time for us, Leo fans, and that in the rest of the year nothing interesting *usually* happens... But for God's sake, do not delete it! Oh, by the way, did you see his pictures in Malibu with Toni? He looks so different.

Thank you very much, sweetie :)

I don’t think I’m going to delete but I’m not really as invested in Leo as I used to be before. I have developed other celebrity crushes, and now Leo is just so boring. All he does his partying with his younger gfs basically, he doesn’t even have any acting project going on rn ugh I mean he’s still my favorite actor, it doesn’t take away his astounding talent, but yeah… I could care less about his relationships and stuff like that tbh.

I’m still gonna make confessions, but I don’t think I will be able to answer your questions about his life and stuff, which is something I used to be pretty good at. And, so no, I havent seen the Malibu pictures, sorry, I’ll be sure to check them out :)

mxpassixn asked
Please continue writing posts, you're great! I love your blog as I love Lea! ♥ Kisses from Slovakia!

Léa ?

Anyway, thank you for that! I’m not sure about deleting my blog, but I don’t get any confession anymore ( and haven’t for a while now), so yeah, that blog is kinda dead. Also I’m kinda over Leo these days, since nothing really interesting happens cause of his hiatus. We’ll see!

Anonymous asked
who was your celebrity crush before leo ?

Johnny Knoxville *sighs lovingly*

Anonymous asked
have u ever met him ?

Ugh no… not yet.

But I’m sure he’s as sad as I am about it.

Anonymous asked
do you know what is next project will be ?

there are a lot of talks but that’s all they are- talks.

the project with jonah seems to be the only one that could go through so far but nothing is official yet they don’t even have a director so…

Anonymous asked
is he still dating toni ?

i think he is yeah